Senior cat grooming tips

Have an older cat that’s struggling to keep up with its self-grooming? Did you know that a third of a cat’s metabolism goes toward its self grooming routine? As they age a cat becomes less able to keep up with a normal routine. Falling behind can affect many aspects of their health, so here are some things you can help them out with.

Helping them bathe

Yes we know, cats hate the water, but they bathe themselves all the time by licking their paws and rubbing their fur. As they age, this may get harder to do, so you can help them out by giving them a faux bath. Wet and wring out a washcloth with warm water and go over their fur with it. Be sure to spend extra time around their face, especially their eyes and mouths.

Matted Fur

Keep up with their fur. They may not have the strength or energy to get mats out of their fur in hard to reach places. It’s up to you to help them with their fur upkeep, but combing mats out if they’ll let you, or removing them with de-matting tools.


A scratching post is a great self-cleaning tool for any aged kitty. Encourage the use of it, for the health of their nails.

Help improve their coat

Talk to your local veterinarian to see if they have any specific vitamin or nutrient recommendations for your cat, before you feed them anything. An easy way to help improve the shine to their coat is by giving them wet cat food every now and then. Dry food is typically lacking in fat, so switching to a wet food every so often can help their coat.

Get enough water

Canned foods also contain more water than dry foods, so if you’re concerned about their water intake that is always a solution. You could also try adding warm water to their kibble, making it a sort of wet cat food. They’ll have to drink the water if they want the food.

Talk to your vet if you have concerns about your cat’s health or aging. They may have great suggestions tailored to your cat’s breed or age. Always talk to your local vet before giving any vitamins to your cat, to make sure they will be beneficial for your kitty’s health. Help your cat along with their grooming as they age, it will help them feel better and stay healthier.

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