Keeping your Pet Safe During the Eclipse

We’ve all heard about the coming Solar Eclipse in Central Oregon, or “ApocEclipse” as some are calling it. We’re all preparing for the hordes of people to descend into Central Oregon, and some of us may even be making plans to cope with the influx of traffic, etc. Don’t forget to plan for your pet’s safety as well. Here are some tips from Blue Sky Veterinary Clinic.

Keep pets inside

It’s important to keep your pets in a safe space. While keeping them in a fenced yard is perfectly acceptable, they could be safer in the house. You typically don’t have to worry about protective eye gear for pets, as most animals don’t look directly at the sun. But if you’re concerned, it’s best to keep them inside.

Outside of the eclipse, it’s still a good idea to keep them somewhere safe. If you live near the path of totality, there could be some unexpected hustle and bustle that could upset your pet. If there’s going to be more activity on your street, consider letting them lay low indoors.

Keep Collars on

Whether your pet is outside or inside, it’s important to have their collar on. If you have a lost pet, it’s always a better situation if they have a collar on, with their tags and your contact info. Make sure you have a plan for all situations, if you need to get them to your local veterinarian, make sure you can do so. If you’re planning to have family and friends come to stay with you, again, it’s best for them to have their collars on. With new people, new habits, and doors opening and closing it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them.

Safe Space

Just like any other crowded family holiday, remember that your pet needs their space too. If they’re used to having full roam of the house, and that gets restricted by guests crashing on couches, they need to know they have a safe space. Try moving their bed from the commotion filled living room, to your quiet bedroom. They need to have a place to escape from the commotion and relax.


Remember your pet has a routine. They’re used to daily walks, food at a certain time, and bedtime around the same time every day. When you have a special event, like Solar Eclipse 2017, their routine is bound to be interrupted. Do all you can to be sure that your pet is still walked every day, and fed on time. Disruptions to their routine can cause them stress, and even cause them tummy problems.

Take Away

Here’s hoping the Eclipse comes and goes smoothly for both humans and pets. In your planning for the eclipse, be sure to consider where your pet will be, and how safe it will be for them. Be sure to stick to their routine, and make sure that they have a safe quiet space to call their own. If anything happens to your pet, make sure that you have a plan to get them to a Bend veterinary clinic near you.

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