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Meeting and Mating: The Reproductive Cycles in Pets

When it comes to your pets, their frisky nature can lead to more than just play. If your pets are not spayed or neutered, this could lead to pregnancies as your home can get overrun with new arrivals. Learn about the reproductive cycle of pets if you plan to breed them or when you want…
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Dog Parks in the Bend Oregon Area

All dogs need exercise as they can keep their bodies in shape, burn off excess energy and become socialized with other dogs. Instead of just walking your dog on a leash down the street and back home again, there are a large number of dog parks in the Bend, Oregon area. Let your dog frolic, explore and…
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What to Know About Canine Influenza to Protect Man’s Best Friend

The cold and flu season is in full force as you, your family, and coworkers have the sniffles and coughs that just won't go away. Yet don't forget the health and wellbeing of your furry friends. Dogs can catch canine influenza as they experience a loss of appetite, runny noses, high fevers, lethargy and coughs. …
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Dental Care is Important to Your Pet’s Health

  Nothing wakes you up faster in the morning than having your dog snoring right in your face. Normally, you never think much about their bad breath as you get out of bed and take them out for their morning walk. You just assume the smell comes from their dog food and pet snacks. Yet…
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Help your Pet avoid these Holiday Foods

During the holidays, there’s guaranteed to be a lot of food around. It can be easier for your pet to sneak a few bites of food when no one is looking. Foods around the holidays tend be even more unhealthy for your pets. Here are some foods to avoid, and tips for helping your pets…
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Keeping your Pets safe around the Holidays

The holidays are here, and it’s time for houses full of relatives and friends, gathering to celebrate the holidays. While your mind may be mostly on how you might not have enough room for everyone, or how all the food will get made, it’s important to keep your pet in mind. Disruptions to their schedule…
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How to be a Responsible Pet Owner

We all think that our dogs are the best behaved, and cutest dogs we know. Turns out there’s a lot more to being a responsible pet owner than you think. We’re here to talk about what makes a good owner, and how to be the best owner for your pet. A good Owner Being a…
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Pet Alternatives to Cats and Dogs

If you’ve ever wanted to get a cat or a dog, but don’t have the space needed, you might have wondered if there are good alternatives to canines or felines. Maybe you’re allergic to cats or dogs, but you still really want a pet to take care of. We’re here with some cat and dog…
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