Monthly Archives: November 2020

DIY Thanksgiving Meals for Your Pets

Thanksgiving is a time for eating good with the family. If you're like most people, you probably include your pets in the definition of family. But before you go sharing the table foods with your pets, you need to know which ones are safe and which ones you shouldn't feed to your pet at all.┬áIt's…
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10 Questions to Ask Your Vet in an Annual Exam

Your pet's annual exam with our veterinarian at Blue Sky Vet Clinic is your opportunity to ask questions about caring for your pet. This is the best time to get answers to observations you've made and can't find a relevant answer by asking friends, family and Dr. Google. The veterinarian can give you direct answers…
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Pet Cancer Awareness Month: What You Need to Know

November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month and is designed to help make pet owners aware of the fact that their pets are at risk of developing cancer. It's also a time to donate to pet cancer research in order to advance the science of treating cancer and helping pets live their best lives. Following is…
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