Monthly Archives: September 2020

10 Most Googled Dog Questions

Google has made it easier than ever to find answers to questions you may never have thought of before. Chances are good that you as a dog owner have run across behaviors that you find odd and mystifying. In turn, you pull up Google and ask the question of "why does my dog do XYZ?" A…
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Tips on Hearing and Sight Loss in Pets

Hearing and vision loss in pets can happen at any stage of their life, but these conditions are more likely to affect them when they're older. Some conditions can be treated while others are chronic in nature and can't be reversed. However, vision and hearing loss in pets is not the end of their world…
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A Guide to Pet Health Insurance

The arrival of September marks the return of National Pet Insurance Month. It's an annual event designed to raise awareness among pet owners about the value of carrying a health insurance policy for their pets. It's estimated that only one in three pets is covered by a pet health insurance policy even though pet insurance…
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