Monthly Archives: August 2020

13 Tips for Dog Parks in Bend

The City of Bend is full of dog parks to give your dog a safe place to run off their energy, roam and explore, and socialize with other dogs. Some dog parks in Bend, such as Riverbend Dog Park, give water-loving dogs the opportunity to follow their instincts and take a dip. Before you go,…
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How to Tell If Your Pet Is in Pain?

Pain is the last thing you want your pet to experience. When your pets hurt, you feel it along with them because they can't tell you what's going on, where the pain is, and how bad it is. Sometimes you don't know if you have a pet in pain because animals tend to be stoic…
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How to Celebrate International Cat Day on August 8

International Cat Day on August 8 is a day for celebrating the fabulous feline and taking a moment to reflect on the joy that cats bring into our lives. We put their funny videos up on the internet for everyone to laugh at, take pictures of their adorable faces when they're sound asleep, and, at…
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