Monthly Archives: July 2020

Swimming Safety Tips for Dogs

Summer is here and the area in and around Bend, Oregon, is full of swimming holes that are friendly to dogs. What better than to sneak off to the lake or river with your dog at your side and get some relief from the heat? Following are some tips for you and your dog to…
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5 Summer Health Concerns for Dogs in Central Oregon

Summertime means outdoor activities with your dog and increased exposure to nuisances and dangers that can irritate or cause┬áharm to a pet. Central Oregon is home to many things that can make you seek out veterinary care for your dog when you least expect it. You can avoid them through awareness and keeping an eye…
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Tips for Safely Introducing Kids and Pets

Families are adopting new four-legged family members in record numbers and enjoying the rewards that come with pet ownership. In turn, many families are introducing pets and children together for the first time ever. Parents have to be vigilant when it comes to making sure that kids and pets interact safely as they get to…
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