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What To Do About Seasonal Allergies in Your Pets

The concept of a pet having seasonal allergies may seem unusual, especially when they're often the cause of allergies. Pets can and do suffer from allergies, and the irritants are ones you're probably familiar with if you have allergies yourself. Both cats and dogs can be made miserable from these irritants, but they also react differently than…
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6 Common Eye Problems in Your Pets

Pets are prone to eye conditions the same as their human counterparts. Sometimes the issue is temporary and easily resolved with a trip to the veterinarian while others are chronic and need ongoing maintenance. Still others require surgery as a permanent treatment for eye problems. The causes of eye conditions are many and various with…
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What You Need to Know About Flea and Tick Season

Spring heralds the return of warm weather and the start of the flea and tick season. Both types of bloodsuckers lie dormant throughout the winter and wake when the risk of frost is gone. Fleas and ticks wake up from their nap hungry and mean. They go hunting for a meal and waste no time latching onto…
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