Monthly Archives: March 2020

What a Pet’s Pain Can Tell You

Animals are stoic when it comes to exhibiting signs of discomfort or pain. They do it because their survival instincts tell them that showing pain demonstrates to predators that they're vulnerable. As a pet owner, you need to know when your pet is hurting, how to interpret the signs and what steps to take when…
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Green Your Pet Routine and Reduce Waste

Reducing your footprint is more than a noble cause. It's a way to slow down the extraction of resources from the earth by reusing existing materials and plant-based products that don't require a lot of water or additional nutrients for growth. You and your pets can go green with a few smart choices and switch…
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Tips for Protecting Your Pets from Accidental Poisoning

The month of March marks Poison Prevention Awareness month for pet owners to raise awareness of potentially lethal items in the house. The purpose of the awareness action is to get pet owners to go through the house to find and secure items that could potentially poison pets. Sometimes all you need is to take…
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