Monthly Archives: December 2019

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holiday season means we bring in a lot of things into our homes that we don't always have throughout the year. And we travel long distances which means making the decision to travel with pets or leave them at home.┬áSome holiday decorating items are toxic to pets and you want to exercise caution when…
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What You Need to Know About Kenneling Your Pet

Unfortunately, pets can't always come with you on vacation, and sometimes keeping them at home with a pet sitter isn't an option. Your best bet is to take them to a kennel or boarding facility and minimize the worry that comes with leaving them behind. The benefit of kenneling your cat or dog is that…
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Baby, It’s Cold Outside! Keeping Your Pets Safe

Cold weather drives man and dog inside to escape the harsh conditions outdoors. But not all dogs are content to spend their days and nights lying beside the fire. They still need exercise to keep their minds stimulated and the opportunity to get rid of their excess energy. That means braving the weather to find…
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