Monthly Archives: October 2019

Questions to Ask Your Vet About Orthopedic Surgery

Sometimes, pets need orthopedic surgery for injuries that are similar to your orthopedic needs as a human. Complications from arthritis, limb amputations, spinal disc problems in the back and neck, patellar luxations and fracture repairs are some of the reasons why a pet would need to undergo a surgical procedure. When your veterinarian suggests surgery for…
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Understanding Your Dog’s Language

Dogs are expressive animals that use their entire body to express their feelings. There's nothing better than watching a tail wag so hard that their hindquarters shake while accompanied by barks of joy. Or seeing a big grin of happiness on your dog's face when they see you. Dogs also use their body language to convey…
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Halloween Safety Tips for Your Pets

Halloween means it's time to dress up your pets for pictures and trick-or-treating activities with the family. It's also a time of increased risks in various forms for pets, which means paying closer attention to ensure their safety. Keeping pets safe during Halloween requires increased vigilance, but it's relatively easy and simple to keep them safe…
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