Monthly Archives: September 2019

High-Tech Pet Toys & Accessories

It's no secret that technology has crept into just about every corner of daily life. Technology has also made it into the lives of pets to help make life better for man and animal alike. Microchips have increased the chances of a lost pet getting returned to its owner, food bowls have become automated, and…
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How to Give Your Cat Some Fresh Air

Some cats are perfectly content to live an indoor lifestyle without ever going outside. It’s possible, however, to give cats a taste of the outdoors and fresh air without putting them in danger. Here are some tips for you to help your cat enjoy the world at large safely. Window Perches, Screens and Boxes Cats…
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Tips for Finding the Right Pet Sitter

Searching for a pet sitter that fits your needs can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. You have a goal of finding someone whom you can trust with entering your home and taking care of your pets while you're away or at work. The Internet has made it easier to find pet sitters,…
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