Monthly Archives: July 2019

Proper Nutrition Keeps Your Pets Happy and Healthy

Cats and dogs need proper nutrition to help them live a happy, comfortable life and look their best. But you can't feed a cat a plant-based diet and you don't want to feed your dog an all-meat diet. Both dogs and cats have nutritional needs that are unique to their species. ThatĀ means providing them with…
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Cat Behavior Problems

Cats are wonderful creatures that grace our homes and brighten our lives. But sometimes they exhibit unusual or unwanted behavior that sends you to your wit's end. Some changes in behavior can be anĀ aversion to using a litter box or aggression with other cats in the household. And sometimes the cat acts out against its…
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Hot Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Pets aren't fans of hot weather what with their fur coats and limited abilities to eliminate heat from their bodies. What that means for you as a pet owner is that you need to limit your pet's exposure to hot weather conditions, keep them hydrated and provide as much cool comfort as you can. Paying…
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