Monthly Archives: February 2017

How to Know if your Cat is in Pain

Cats are exceptionally good at masking pain. If your fellow feline is under-the-weather, the signs may not seem apparent to you. It’s important to pay close attention to their actions, habits and behaviors to make sure that nothing appears to be out of the ordinary. Cats learned to mask pain through natural selection. Over time…
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Blue Sky Vet Welcomes Dr. Emily Bemrose

Blue Sky would like to welcome Dr. Emily Bemrose to our team of doctors. Dr. Bemrose has worked in Bend over the past 9 years at the Banfield Pet Hospital and has recently decided to pursue a path in Small Animal Internal Medicine by accepting an internship in Toronto. Dr. Bemrose will join the Blue…
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How to give your pet a safe bath

While most pets do not enjoy a bath or cleaning, it is necessary for the ongoing health of your pet. It can minimize shedding, reduce allergies, keep your pet healthier, and decreases the chance of infection in your home and your pet. Keeping bath time positive is key, and learning a safe way to make…
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