Monthly Archives: December 2016

Pet Holiday Safety Tips- December Edition

While we’ve already covered some tips and tricks for keeping your pets safe during the holidays and family gatherings, the holidays in December, can present an entirely new set of problems for pets. Here are some suggestions and tips for keeping your pets safe. Holiday decorations If you’re going to put up a Christmas tree…
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How to introduce new pets to existing pets

If you’re planning on getting a new pet this holiday season, it may be important to consider how the introduction between existing pets and new pets may go. There is a right and wrong way to make introductions, and it’s important to consider how territorial your existing pet may be. Consider what kind of new…
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New Pet Tips

If you’re planning to get a pet around the holiday season, there are some things you should consider first. Whether the pet you plan to get is a puppy, kitty or more mature animal, there are things you need to plan for when you have a pet. Being a pet owner is a change of…
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