Monthly Archives: November 2016

Thanksgiving dishes you shouldn’t feed your pet

It’s the holiday season, and while we’re greeting family and friends at the door, it may be the purr-fect time for your furry one to grab a treat. Here are some foods you should make sure your furry friends avoid during Thanksgiving. Raw or uncooked meat – Salmonella isn’t only a threat to you and…
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How to Plan a Pet-Safe Holiday Gathering

The holiday season is almost upon us. November is here, and Turkey Day is quickly approaching. We have some pet-friendly tips for how to plan a family gathering. Just like for Halloween, there are specific things you can do for your pets to ensure that they have a safe and calm holiday too. Have some…
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Senior cat grooming tips

Have an older cat that’s struggling to keep up with its self-grooming? Did you know that a third of a cat’s metabolism goes toward its self grooming routine? As they age a cat becomes less able to keep up with a normal routine. Falling behind can affect many aspects of their health, so here are…
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