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Lily Toxicity – Which lilies can kill your cat?

Many people, including cat owners, still do not know lily plants can be very toxic to our cats.  Lilies in the true lily (of the Lilium genus) and the day lily families are extremely dangerous if ingested by our feline friends, while some other types of "lilies" are less harmful. It is important to know the signs…
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What is Xylitol ? The question many pet owners ask after it is too late !

  Xylitol is an artificial sweetener growing in popularity and is used in many popular gums, candies, baked goods, medicines, and toothpastes.  Xylitol for people can bring many positive health benefits including : prevention of cavities, releasing fewer calories than sugar, and not raising blood sugar levels.  As a Bend veterinarian it seems like this…
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